We collaborate with your company to detect opportunities for improvement and solutions to problems. Our specialty is management and we are focused on small and medium industrial companies.


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In the same way that a tailor makes a piece of clothing that adapts to the tastes and measurements of his or her client, at Mirmit we develop web applications and native mobile applications adapted to the needs of each client.

We get to know the company

Mirmit was born as a consulting company and this is something we do not want to hide. Before defining the software proposal, we like to get to know our client and accompany them in the definition of the proposal so that it adapts as much as possible to their characteristics and needs.

First draft

Without further commitment for the client, we make a first draft of what the application could look like. In this step, both we and the client get to know the magnitude of the project and analyse its feasibility.


Once we have decided to start the project, with the improvments and changes provided by the client, we define the final document that will serve as the basis for the development of the application.

Start the tailoring

Depending on the magnitude of the project and the urgency that the client transmits to us, we specify the delivery deadlines.

The trial

The application is almost ready and can be implemented in test version. However, there are still a few finishing touches to be made before the customer is completely satisfied.

Final stage

Once the final adjustments have been made and the client is satisfied with the product, the application development project is completed.


Optionally, we offer the client the possibility of keeping the application up to date, since, unlike a piece of clothing, computing evolves rapidly. In any case, if a client prefers and has the tools and resources to do so, the code is completely open and can be done by oneself.


In the company we have many stored data, but we rarely use them to make decisions and even less when we want them in real time.


In Mirmit we help you to know what you want when you are interested.


First we have to define what we want to know and what questions we want to answer.


We advise you in this definition process.


At a glance, through the most important indicators (key performance indicators, kpi), we get the perspective of the general state of the company.


What happens if any indicator is deviated?


We provide tools to explore the reasons and determine where we need to focus.


Found the reasons, we went to action.


We prepare the necessary reports (and if necessary, we export them) to have all the detailed information.


And sure, you have many more questions and I’m sure there will be new questions. We prepare the work environment so you can explore the data as best suits you. Surely they have a lot to explain to you!


Integration of different sources of information.


We collect the data of where they are: databases, excels, text files, or other formats, we relate them and integrate them into a single environment.

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