We collaborate with your company to detect opportunities for improvement and solutions to problems. Our specialty is management and we are focused on small and medium industrial companies.


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In the company we have many stored data, but we rarely use them to make decisions and even less when we want them in real time.


In Mirmit we help you to know what you want when you are interested.


First we have to define what we want to know and what questions we want to answer.


We advise you in this definition process.


At a glance, through the most important indicators (key performance indicators, kpi), we get the perspective of the general state of the company.


What happens if any indicator is deviated?


We provide tools to explore the reasons and determine where we need to focus.


Found the reasons, we went to action.


We prepare the necessary reports (and if necessary, we export them) to have all the detailed information.


And sure, you have many more questions and I’m sure there will be new questions. We prepare the work environment so you can explore the data as best suits you. Surely they have a lot to explain to you!


Integration of different sources of information.


We collect the data of where they are: databases, excels, text files, or other formats, we relate them and integrate them into a single environment.

Process management breaks with the idea of the company based on different departments to introduce the process concept. Processes are transversal, have a common target and a specific function in the company, have responsible people and use or generate a determinate documentation.

Promoting process management improves team work, reduces duplicities, encourages continuous improvement and depersonalizes the work place so that the knowledge belongs to the company instead of belonging to the individuals.



Recognition of the initial situation of the company.



Training on the change that process management implies.



Identification of the different processes carried out in the company and selection of an interdepartmental process that serves as a pilot project.

We collaborate with the company to achieve improvements in management

Management is the act of gathering people to achieve the desired goals and objectives with the available resources efficiently and effectively.

This means from collaborating in the definition of the company’s strategy and objectives, to planning the way to make it possible, assigning tasks, monitoring progress and evaluating if they are finally achieved.

We know the company

The first step is to integrate with the company to be able to contribute ideas and proposals “from within” that are useful. It is about knowing how to work, what are the roles of each one and what are the peculiarities of the sector.

We define indicators

In the same way that the human body alerts us if something does not work well in our organism, it is important to have mechanisms within the company that alert us if an area does not work properly or if it works in an exceptional way. The indicators are a good tool to achieve it.

We make ideas come true

We accompany the company in the search for improvement options, making the proposed ideas not only remain in words.

We conduct meetings

There is nobody who knows more about the company than the people who work every day in it. For this reason, we conduct meetings that allow us to take advantage of the internal potential of the company to detect opportunities for improvement and solutions to problems.

Internal and external communication bridges

Although a company is small, communication between different areas is not simple. We facilitate communication within the company. We also surround ourselves with a network of service companies that complement Mirmit in order to offer our client the best solution in each case.

We support

We are a trusted contact of our clients for specific consultations, conflict resolution and new concerns.

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